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Rules of complaints and appeal consideration

Rules and terms of complaints consideration

The head of PSB considers the complaint brought and passes it to the QSM responsible person who becomes the person responsible for the elaboration of measures of elimination of the complaint.
The PSB person responsible for QMS must register the complaint in the Register of complaints and establish the contact people and strong communication channels for cooperation.

The representative of the management of quality of PSB must consider the complaint with its participants and cooperatively analyze the situation within 15 working days after its registration.

The set of documents attached to the complaint is defined by the applicant, depending on the subject of the disputable situation.

The PSB can require the applicant to provide additional documents that are necessary to make decision on the disputable questions.

The initial answer must be forwarded to the applicant in the written form not later than within 20 working days after the date of complaint registration with reference to:

  • Information of its receipt by the PSB;
  • Registration number;
  • Term of complaint consideration (not more than 2 months).

Rules and terms of complaint decision making

The complaint decision is made by the QMS responsible person in 2 copies, within 30 working days, according to the rules set forth in Attachment 4 of the present procedure, and is confirmed by the head of PSB.

The complaint decision must contain:

  • In case the complaint is settled totally or partially – the term and means of its settlement;
  • In case the complaint is refused to be settled fully or partially – the reasons of refusal with reference to the corresponding legislation and other proof of refusal;
  • The list of documents proving the grounds of the decision;

In case the applicant disagrees with the decision, the applicant has the right to appeal to the PSB in accordance with the documented procedure “The order of appeal consideration” that is available at the PSB website or address the supreme bodies.
The decision of the supreme bodies is final.

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Rules of bringing, acceptance and order of registration of appeals.

In case of disagreement between the participants on questions connected with the actions of the company, the appealer has the right to address the disputable questions in the form of appeal to the company appeal committee chairman Ivankov M.V..

The appeal must be brought in the established form. The appeal must contain the reasons of dispute, the grounds of disagreement with the decision of the company, the reference documents etc.
The appeal is filed via mail, fax, e-mail, in the written form to the company not later than within 30 days after the decision of the company the appealer disagrees with.
The secretary of the company registers the appeal in the Register of incoming mail on the day when it is filed to the company and assigns a number to it. After this the secretary passes the appeal to the representative of quality management in order to enter the data into the “Appeal register” with further passing to the company Appeal committee chairman Ivankov M.V. The receipt of each appeal is immediately confirmed to the appealer (e.g. by mail, phone or e-mail) with mandatory confirmation of receipt of such notification from the appealer.

The committee can require the appealer to provide for the additional documents necessary to make decision on the disputable question, The set of documents attached to the disputable questions claim is defined by the appealer depending on the subject of the disputable situation.
After the appeal is brought, the Committee chairman must provide for:

  • Registration of the appeal in the Appeal register, established contacts and strong communication channels for cooperation;
  • Analysis of the content and assignment of the group responsible for work with the appeal;
  • Choice and bringing of external specialists to work on the claim (if necessary);

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