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Exemption letter

Exemption letterExemption letter – it is an official document that states that the products do not refer to the list of objects that must be mandatorily certified within GOST R system or do not fall within the Technical regulation. Exemption letter can be obtained in any accredited certification body (except for VNIIS letter that is issued by Certification VNII and for the letter of Kaliningrad CSM that is issued by Kaliningrad CSM).

Validity of an exemption letter may be one year or an exemption letter may be perpetual, being valid until amendments to the lists of products subject to mandatory certification are introduced.

Our company is an accredited certification body (accreditation certificate issued by the Federal accreditation service №RA.RU.11PC52, without expiry date) that allows us to render high quality service within no time, without any mediators!

Our clients are such major manufacturers as Xerox, Johnson & Johnson. Moreover, our services are used by the suppliers of the goods and by the local manufacturers.

We work closely with other certification bodies and test labs, accredited in the Federal accreditation service that allows us to certify almost every product, relieving you from any time-consuming bureaucracy.

Cost of an exemption letter.

Unfortunately, there is no unified cost of the exemption letter.

We could have given the price ‘from 1000 roubles’, like the others, but we don’t want to deceive you. The price depends on many factors, the main of which are the products themselves and the number of references. In order to give the cost of the certificate for your products please fill in the application. It doesn’t lay any obligation on you, Alternatively, please connect us via any option that is comfortable for you.

In case you have any questions please call! +7 (499) 979-00-85

List of documents for obtaining the exemption letter

  • Application
  • Applicant requisite details
  • Description of products

Exemption letters for certification in the field of fire safety are issued by the authorized certification bodies accredited in the fire safety system. An exemption letter can be obtained for the products that is not listed in the RF Government Order 241 dated 17.03.2009. The list of products that fall under the customs regulations that suppose confiscation or usage of the products in accordance with its assignation within the customs territory of Russia, is subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity to the requirements of the federal law “Technical regulation of requirements to fire safety”.

In case you have any questions please call! +7 (499) 979-00-85


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