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Standardization of setting forth rules and characteristics for the purpose of their multiple use, aimed at reaching orderliness in the fields of production and circulation of products, improving competitiveness of products, works or services.

Works on standardization are carried out in Russia on the basis of the Federal Law "On technical regulation" dated 27.12.2002, № 184-ФЗ.

The Concept of development of the national system of standardization of the Russian Federation up to the year of 2020 is approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1762 dated 24.09.2012.

Actualization of the Concept of the year of 2006 (settled up to the year of 2010) was conducted upon understanding and recording of new goals and objectives assigned for the national system in the context of necessity of enhancement of economic development of the country, its technology modernization, improving of quality of living of its people, environmental protection, boost of integration processes within CIS, creation of the Customs Union, expansion of foreign economic activity and activation of processes connected with WTO accession.

The goals of standardization:

  • To improve the level of safety of life and health of the citizens, of property of legal entities and private individuals, of governmental and public property and objects in view of the risk of emergency situations of natural or self-inflicted origin, to improve the level of environmental safety, of safety of life and health of animals and plants.
  • To provide for competitiveness and quality of products (works, services), unification of measurement, reasonable use of resources, interchangeability of technical appliances (machines and equipment, their elements, utilities and materials), technical and informational compatibility, comparability of test (research) results and measurements, technical and statistical economic data, analysis of products (works, services) features, fulfilment of state orders, voluntary confirmation of conformity of products (works, services);
  • To assist in observation of Technical Regulations requirements;
  • To create the systems of classification and codification of technical economic and social information, the systems of cataloging of products (works, services); the systems of provision for the products (works, services) quality, the systems of search and transfer of data, assistance in unification work.

Standardization is performed in accordance with the following principles:

  • Voluntary application of documents in the standardization field;
  • Maximal consideration of the legal interest of the parties involved upon elaboration of standards;
  • Application of international standards as a basis of the national standards, except for the cases when such application is impossible due to nonconformity of the requirements of international standards to climate and geographical features of the Russian Federation, technical and (or) technological features or any other grounds or due to the fact that the Russian Federation, in line with the established procedures, acted against acceptance of the international standard or any of its provisions;
  • Unacceptance of creation of any obstacles for production and turnover of products, fulfillment of works and rendering of services more than it is necessary for the standardization goals to be achieved;
  • Unacceptance of setting forth the standards that contradict Technical Regulations;
  • Provision for the conditions of unified application of such standards.

The following documents in the field of standardization are used in the territory of the Russian Federation:

  • National standards;
  • Standardization rules, norms and recommendations in the field of standardization;
  • National classificator of tecnical and economic and social information applied in accordance with the established procedure
  • Organization standards;
  • Rule books;
  • International standards, regional standards, regional rule books, standards of foreign states and foreign rule books, registered in the Federal information fund of technical regulations and standards;
  • Duly certified translations of international standards, regional standards, regional rule books, standards of foreign states and foreign rule books to the Russian language, recorded by the national standardization body of the Russian Federation;
  • Preliminary national standards.