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Certificate of origin in the form ST-1

The first type of certificate of origin - a certificate form ST-1 – is issued for the sale of goods within the CIS. Certificates of origin in the form ST-1 are issued for the goods produced in one of the countries of the Agreement on Free Trade Area (April 15, 1994). This Agreement is valid among 10 CIS states: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan. In accordance with the bilateral free trade agreements concluded between the Russian Federation and other CIS countries, suppliers of goods of Russian origin have a VAT exemption with a certificate of origin in the form ST-1.

Certificate of origin must be submitted to the customs authorities of the buying country at registration together with the cargo customs declaration, the bill of lading, invoices (invoice factura) and other necessary documents.
The certificate of origin form A - is a document approved by UNCTAD in the framework of the General System of Preferences. Certificates of Form A are issued on the import of goods to the EU, the US, Canada and Turkey. Certain tariff preferences in the markets of most developed countries allow developing countries to increase export, reducing dependence on foreign aid.

Preferential certificate Form A is issued by the authorized agency of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation at the written request of the Russian exporter or his representative. Issuance of the certificate happens on the basis of the examination of origin.

The certificate of origin form shall be issued for the total goods exported to all countries if you can not use the certificates in the form ST-1 or A. This certificate may also be issued if the country of origin cannot be established. To obtain the certificate it’s necessary to provide the act of expertise compiled by the expert division of the CCI. The certificate of the general form can be issued both in Russian and in English.

Documents to obtain a certificate of origin

  • Application;
  • A copy of the contract for the supply of;
  • Applicant requisite details;
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authorities (INN);
  • Copy of registration certificate (OGRN);
  • Newsletter, the certificate of conformity, certifying the country of the manufacturer;
  • Description of products;
  • Letter to the examination;
  • The act of examination confirming the origin of the goods.

For registration of the examination confirming Russian origin products, you need the following set of documents:

  • Applicant requisite details;
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authorities (INN);
  • Copy of registration certificate (OGRN;)
  • invoice, waybill;
  • Certificate of product quality or other document confirming his Russian origin.